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When to Schedule Your Newborn Session

They grow up faster than you can imagine . . .

Trust me. They grow up faster than you can even imagine.

The squishy faces, the tiny little fingers, the sweet sleepy smiles . . . they'll change and evolve ever-so-quickly. They'll grow, they'll adapt, all those details will become something new before our very eyes. Years from now, you'll be tucking your little one into bed and you'll reminisce on the way his hair smelled and stuck straight up after a bath. You'll remember the way she played with your hair as you nursed her to sleep. And instead of trying your memory at those significant little details, you'll be able to grasp those tangible photographs and gaze into that time of their life once more.

These cherished moments will become a memory much sooner than anticipated. Capture them while you can.

Often times, mommas wonder when the best time to schedule a newborn session is. If that's the case here, let me share my thoughts with you:

I recommend scheduling your newborn session during your second trimester of pregnancy. This allows enough time to ensure your photographer can reserve room for you near your due date on the calendar.

It's not uncommon for photographers' schedules to fill rather quickly, especially during the summer and fall months. And because due dates are just that - estimated dates - many photogs don't actually schedule specific dates for the newborn session until baby arrives to avoid the back and forth should baby come earlier or later than anticipated.

It's always best to reach out earlier rather than waiting until just weeks before! This gives you more time to plan and prepare as well as your photographer and ensures you've got a spot during the respective timeframe.

Don't underestimate the importance of scheduling those newborn pictures, because they'll become cherished memories so many loved ones will treasure years down the road.


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