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Hey, I'm Rachel

Wife, Boy Momma and Your New Photographer

Well hello! I’m Rachel and my photography journey started years ago; long before I could’ve ever imagined the significance it would eventually imprint on my heart. 


With a simple, hand-me-down camera in hand and a world of possibilities to photograph, I would have never dreamed that where I am today all started with a click of that button.

As the years go by and I experience my own milestones, it has become my passion to preserve yours. I've expanded my business to create countless opportunities for you to savor life's sweetest blessings and hold onto them for a lifetime. Let me help you keep those beautiful memories alive.

the power of a photograph

Photographing your family's season of life is unlike anything else. I get a first hand sneak peek of how your family interacts, how they love, how they laugh, how they engage with one another. I see the giggles, the tears, the snuggles, the laughter. I get to see the love.

It's so special. It's really unlike anything else.


You give me your time for an hour or so and in return I get to give that moment right back to you for you to keep and hold and revisit.


And my hope is that you do -

I hope that days before your due date, you pull out those pictures of you and your husband smiling down at that beautiful bump. I hope on that eve of your baby's first birthday, you revisit those newborn photographs and the way his little dimples appeared. I hope you relish in the joy of your infant's gummy smile after he learned to sit up on his own. I hope that as you drop off your first born at college, you go look at her senior portraits and know the incredible human you raised is going to do big things in this world. I hope you come back to them and that for a moment you feel it all again.

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final words

Nearly three and a half years ago I made a bittersweet decision.

I left teaching; a career I just knew I was built for, to pursue a career in photography full time. I resigned from five years of being an elementary schoolteacher to have more control over my time and freedom for my family.

Though I miss the relationships built with my colleagues and students tremendously, I wouldn't change this decision for the world. And there's a few reasons . . . my family being at the very top.

And the power of a photograph right after.

Even though a photographer's schedule can be extremely busy, especially during certain seasons, it whole-heartedly brings me an endless amount of joy and purpose.

Thank you for making the hardest decision of my professional career the easiest decision as well. Thank you for reminding me everyday that dreams can change and you can find purpose and meaning in different avenues of your life. That change is okay and it's alright (and good, even) to trust your gut to make a change when you're feeling called to. Thank you for ensuring me that 'unnerving' doesn't mean bad and that when you do something with all of your heart and soul, it can lead to fulfillment.

So here's a million thank yous for trusting me with the most beautiful moments of your life. I will never take that for granted.

let's do this

Let's Make Those Memeories

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