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Introducing our Littlest Love, Beau Wilder

We're excited to announce the newest addition to our family - Beau Wilder. Born just shy of three weeks ago, on a beautiful Friday afternoon, Beau has brought immense joy into our lives every day since. His older brothers are smitten. They're often found ooing and awing as they stare adoringly into his sweet eyes and talk to him, sing him lullabies or tickle his little toes.

Welcoming Beau has been a journey filled with love and gratitude. From his first moments in our arms to the laughter he brings into our home, every second with him is a precious gift.

We're grateful for the love and support from our friends and family during this special time. Your presence means the world to us.

As we begin this new chapter as a family of five, we're filled with anticipation for the adventures ahead. Join us in welcoming Beau Wilder with open arms and hearts.


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