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Three Reasons Why You Shouldn't Book Me

Oof. What a title.

I hope it grabbed your attention and then some. I really want to hone in on talking about why choosing the right family photographer is about more than just finding someone with a "good" camera...

It's about choosing someone who will guide you through every step of the journey - from conception to delivery - and making sure what you envision aligns. One of the simplest ways to ensure a shared vision is to review your potential photographer's work. Many photographers share their recent work online so consider how do you feel when you see their art. Can you visualize your family in the photos? Does it bring you joy? Is it stiff? Is it "too candid?" Does it resonate with you? Does it match what your hoping for?

As important as it is to make sure you're choosing a quality professional photographer, it's just as important to be certain that you understand their style of work and that it aligns with what you're envisioning for your family's session.

My commitment goes far beyond simply showing up and snapping pictures. I pour my heart and soul into every session, ensuring that each moment is planned well, captured authentically and beautifully preserved.

Here are three key elements that highlight my genuine commitment to providing a truly exceptional experience for all of my clients.

Let's dive right on into it.

Reason Number One: Personalized Planning and Guidance

I'm not just a "show up and shoot" photographer; I'm your guide in creating timeless memories. From the moment you reach out, I'll be by your side, helping you plan every detail of your session. Whether it's choosing the perfect location, coordinating outfits or deciding on themes, I'll ensure every aspect aligns with the vision you want portrayed.

During the shoot, I'll provide gentle guidance and direction, making sure everyone feels comfortable and confident in front of the camera. From start to finish, I'm dedicated to crafting an experience that exceeds your expectations and results in stunning, meaningful photographs. To put it simply - I am involved with the process.

Reason Number Two: Optimal Lighting for Magical Moments

I'm committed to capturing your family in the most beautiful light possible, which is why I exclusively schedule outdoor sessions during golden hour. This magical time, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, bathes everything in a soft, warm glow that enhances natural beauty and creates a dreamy atmosphere.

Golden hour lighting is incredibly flattering, casting gentle shadows and infusing images with a romantic quality. These lighting conditions allow your photos to radiate with warmth, depth and emotion - transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary memories that you'll be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Reason Number Three: Authentic Moments, Genuine Connections

I believe the best family photos are not just posed portraits but authentic snapshots of real life and genuine connections. During our session, I won't just instruct you to smile and say "cheese." Instead, I'll encourage you to embrace the moment, to laugh, snuggle your loved ones and to really let your personalities shine through. Whether it's capturing playful giggles, tender embraces or spontaneous dances, I strive to document the unique dynamics and heartfelt interactions that define your family.

Every laugh, every hug, every shared glance tells a story and I'm dedicated to preserving these precious moments in all their beauty and authenticity. From the smallest details to the biggest emotions, I'll capture your family just as you are – perfectly imperfect and utterly beautiful.

By offering personalized planning, using optimal lighting and a focus on authentic moments, I strive to create an experience that exceeds expectations and delivers timeless memories. And while I may not be the photographer for everyone, I am here to ensure that for those I'm blessed to photograph receive images they can cherish for years to come.


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