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Twenty twenty-two and all things new. . .

It's been a long time coming.

That's probably what my husband would say as he carries one last Amazon box to the dumpster for the umpteenth time. God bless him. Seriously, though. He's been such a help through this entire transition and there is no way I could've done this without him.

Back in 2020, Rachel Ann Photography added an in-home basement studio to our home in Arapahoe and it was such an adventure learning studio lighting, indoor camera settings, and the ins and outs of newborn and milestone photography. Studio portrait photography quickly became one of my most favorite types of sessions. Being a mother of two little boys who seem to be constantly changing, preserving those memories at each stage means everything to me. My passion for photographing my own boys through each of their milestones has flourished into a new love of photographing these same milestones for others.

As time went on and as props were collected, clothing was added, and our equipment grew, it was all stuffed into a tiny, little closet in that same basement bedroom. Eventually, it only made sense to begin looking into other options for a "home" for Rachel Ann Photography. Coincidentally enough, around the same time that I began my search for a new studio location, this little pink house on Main Street became available.

Decades ago, this little 1906 home used to belong to my Great Grandmother Betty and her husband and my own Grandmother has beautiful memories of what this house has meant to our family. My Dad and Grandma both remember Great-Grandma Betty sitting in her rocking chair in the sunroom reading book after book enjoying the peace and quiet that small town Nebraska has to offer.

When I first stepped foot in this little house on 402 Main after nearly 20+ years, I was taken aback. Memories flooded to the surface from my childhood. A fond memory I hold dear is running around this home with my cousin, rummaging through boxes in the attic and playing down in the basement. I hope my grandparents and great know just how much I appreciate the lovely charm and unique character this home has to offer.

Endless opportunities to document others people's memories in this beautiful home await. I cannot wait to share this beautiful space with my clients. When you first enter the new studio location for Rachel Ann Photography, you'll be greeted with a nice little sitting room with a place to unload, unpack, and unwind as you await your session. Amongst the open area, you'll find a coffee bar, stocked snacks for the littles along with coloring books and crayons, and beverages upon request. Further in, you'll come across the space dedicated for newborn, milestone, and other portrait sessions. Tucked in the corner, you'll easily spot the every-growing RAP Client Closet with outfits for littles to mommas and most in-between and further down from that, you'll find a small portion of the wraps, props, and colored backdrops used for newborns and milestone sessions.

The doorway to the west off of the main room will take you to a fully styled bedroom set designed for motherhood and lifestyle sessions of all types. This gorgeous space consists of a full-sized bed, velvet accent chair, Moses basket for babies, and Bohemian-styled decor from all things wicker to lovely vases filled with pampas grass. The soft charm of this room will compliment anyone wanting to document moments with a natural and more candid-like aesthetic.

Directly across from the bedroom set is my favorite space of all - the most elegant sunroom. This room will go hand-in-hand with the newly added lifestyle sessions at RAP. Upon entering the quaint little room, you'll see window after window along the walls with original wooden flooring recently brought back to life. A large area rug will be found in the center of the room with a free-standing mirror in the corner and a faux-leather pouf in the other. The small back wall features a space for families to snuggle on a gorgeous brown faux-leather, tufted bench.

Years of practice, hours of editing and education, countless families photographed, an ample amount of support from family and friends - both near and far, and the handiwork from both my husband and my dad have all played a significant role in this new and exciting venture. Without the support, encouragement, trust, and help from so many people, this new studio location for Rachel Ann Photography would still be a dream. So thank you, thank you, thank you to my husband for all of his help putting pieces together, building furniture, watching our boys while I run back and forth moving items. Thank you to my grandparents for allowing me to make this beautiful space the new home for Rachel Ann Photography; thank you to my Mom and Dad for their encouragement and all the help they've poured in. Thank you to my siblings and my cousin for rooting me on and telling me to "go for it." Thank you to my boys for your patience and flexibility while spending afternoon after afternoon at the "pink house" while working to bring this vision to life.

I am very excited to announce and so eager to share . . . the new indoor studio location for Rachel Ann Photography.

I hope to see you and yours walk through the doors very soon. In the meantime, please enjoy looking through these photographs of the newly refinished space inside this quaint little house on Main Street.

Best wishes,



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