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The Less You Need Me . . .

The Less You Need Me . . .

The more I need you.

I swear just yesterday, you woke me at 2am with your little high-pitched squeal and squirming body nestling in your bassinet next to my bed. You tussled around, needing me. Your momma.

And right before my eyes, it’s like I didn’t even notice you grow. But here we are, five months later. You’re not the newborn your Daddy and I brought home. And while it can make my eyes swell with fear knowing how quickly these years will pass, it makes my heart burst with pride, knowing that you, my sweet baby boy, you are mine. All mine.

Watching you learn and discover, laugh and uncover these new little skills and ideas so minute, makes time stand still. For awhile, that is. Through the rush and the mundane, you, my baby, are a little piece of heaven that reminds me to press pause and soak in all that I can.

Because it won’t be long, and my little baby boy that fits so perfectly in my arms, won’t be content there any longer. You’ll run, you’ll play. You’ll be on your way. You’ll need me less and less.

But my baby, my sweet brown-eyed, button-nosed baby, the less you need me, the more I’ll need you to remind me it’s okay.

As many stars are in the sky, as many breaths that I have sighed, that’s how much I love you.


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