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The HARDEST Part of Pictures . . .

Imagine this…

You open your inbox and BAM! After a week or two of waiting, they are finally here!

Your family portraits.

Can you believe it?! Oh my, oh my. Your children are smiling; some are laughing. The family looks amazing. The outfits, styled perfectly. The lighting is glorious. Everything. You can almost feel the joy radiating through the computer (okay, your iPhone) screen.

And all you remember… all you feel when you see these special family portraits is the LOVE between.

Rewind 2 months…

Fretting about whether or not to sweet talk your hubby into family photos again this year. Surely, he’ll just sigh and shrug, “Pictures agaaaaain, honey? But, we just took some.” Or maybe you’re worrying about which outfits to pair together or when to book your session. Is it too early? Is it too late? Is it too cold? But, it might rain. Will it conflict with something that I’m forgetting? What about the kids. It’s just too much right now.

(I get it.)

But, then you come across this blog post.

And, I’ve got you! Should you decide to book a session with me . . . . know that I will help you through the entire planning process! I am here for you!

I want to give you a FREE download of my Family Session Style Guide to help make the process a little simpler. You can receive your free copy of one of my most valued styled guides – no strings attached. Just try and promise me one thing – That this will be the year you book your family portraits. Book with me, book with someone else. It doesn’t matter. Just book. 

Friends, I am here to tell you about the hardest part of the whole picture-taking process is deciding that it’s finally time to get them done.  Trust me, I get it. Our babies are growing. Our family is busy. There’s work and the house. There’s family obligations, school obligations, hobbies, athletics, vacations, and more. You know, the never-ending-list that goes on and on.

But, friends –  It is worth it.

And, it is time.

Whatever season of life you are currently in will pass. It’ll be gone before you know it and onto something new, the next season.

When you document a moment, you create a keepsake. You freeze that moment and you now have access to a memory that not only evokes emotion, but you get to see it. Again and again. Your children get to see it. Your grandchildren get to see it. It not only becomes a memory for you, but for generations to come, your children and their children’s children don’t have to wonder what it “was like.” Because you’ve given them something they can see not only with their eyes, but with their hearts. 

(Enjoy a little glimpse of my family’s photos from this past September!)

Photos | Kaylinda DeTurk with Kay DeTurk Photo.


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