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The Art of Connection

connection // the sense of closeness and belongingness a person can experience when having loved ones around them

My biggest takeaway from 2022 was realizing just how much people gravitate to the photos that make you stop and stare. The photos that radiate emotion and connection and feeling. The photos that showcase the vulnerability and trust within relationships. You know, the small moments. The moments that make you feel something.

When the new big sister squeezes daddy's cheeks and nuzzles in for an Eskimo kiss. The bit of laughter from a little boy who's having a joy ride on dad's shoulders. The sweetest embrace of a mother holding her newborn baby or tickling the toes of her joyful toddler. The bouncing curls of a free-spirited five year old or the quiet admiration of a couple watching their children play Ring Around the Rosie.

When I started implementing and showing beauty for what it is - the perfectly imperfect - the significance of what seems insignificant, my passion for photography reignited tenfold. I found my niche and what I wanted to cling to.

While we all want to have that perfectly posed, everyone's looking (and cheerful) snapshot for the Christmas Card, my goal is to let you experience and enjoy connection throughout your family session. And while I'll guide you to do that, I will be preserving those tiny little golden moments of the in between.

The sessions that I photograph are generally about 50/50. Fifty percent of the time, I'm encouraging smiles towards the camera; the other fifty percent of the time, I'm guiding joyful or calm + serene moments to document. This ensures that proper smiling photograph to share with the grandparents while you get to enjoy and savor those little moments that become memories all too quickly.

The art of connection is powerful. Let me help you create some magic.


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