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Sleep when the Baby sleeps, they say

“Sleep when the Baby sleeps,” they say.

And I do, sometimes.

But you’re growing – and each day brings something new. Only 35 short days ago, you entered the world. And now you’re smiling and making eye contact and brushing your hand against my face. You whimper to let me know you’re still hungry and you smile in your sleep. You squeeze my hand and hold my finger. You love to snuggle and stare up at Daddy.

You light up our world. And frankly, we don’t know how we could love someone so deeply; someone who has filled a void in our hearts that we never knew existed.

Someone who has waltzed into our lives (okay – maybe something a little less graceful considering the labor and delivery we had), taught us the meaning of true selflessness, and shown us what a glimpse of Heaven looks like.

“Sleep when the Baby sleeps,” they say.

And I do. Sometimes.

But for now, I’ll hold you a little longer, stare at you some more, and sleep when I feel like it. Because even though the days are long, I know that the years are short. And I’m going to spend every ounce of this new new focusing a little less on the dishes, a little less on the laundry, a little less on the unrealistic expectations I had set for myself, and a little more on the snuggles from the sweetest boy who will call me Mom someday.


Photo Credit: To the amazing Rebecca Marie Photo who made a 230+ mile trip to meet Baby Jett and snap some Fresh 48 pictures for our family. We love you and are so grateful for you!


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