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Mornings at home, with two boys and a dog.

Dishes were in the sink, dog toys and baby toys strewn about the house, folded laundry on the table yet to be put away and breakfast crumbs on the kitchen floor.

I set it aside, took deep breath, grabbed my cup of coffee in one hand and reached for my trusted camera in the other. This had been something I'd be meaning to do for far too long and I was going to do it today - meticulous house or not.

Real life. My life. My baby boys in this stage. Mornings at home.

That was the only goal. Impossible not to capture. I wasn't striving for beautiful. I was striving for beauty; for real; authentic; my babies as they are in this very moment in time.

The TV was turned off, bellies were full of chocolate chip muffins and I watched my boys laugh and play and play and laugh. I watched and I watched. I interacted when it was natural; I gave loads of hugs and kisses galore. I tickled, I laughed and I fell in love with my life once more. I saw the beauty in their interactions, the love I so adored, shared between two brothers who wrestle and roughhouse one second and blow kisses to each other the next.

My life is messy, it's full of interrupted schedules, tired babies and un-vacuumed living room floors.

But my life is also beautiful. It's full of two little, growing boys, a lovely pup and a man who provides for his family.

My life is not perfect; it's not an Insta-worthy highlight reel. But it is perfectly mine.

What more could I possibly ask for?


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