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Harlan County Sunset Session in the Heart of the Good Life | Nebraska

Giggles could be heard from miles around as four little sisters laughed and played and played and laughed for hours on end. Twirling through the prairie grass and dancing in the sand; it was a magical evening spent with such a lovely bunch.

I had the privilege of meeting and photographing this beautiful family earlier this month with several other incredible photographers during a shoot-out hosted by Rachelle Lee Photography and Bronwyn Gillespie Photography & Design. It was a wonderful experience and such a pleasant evening with this super sweet family.

Why was this one was particularly special? Because it proves to you, that you don't need some exotic, tropical or destination location for a dreamy session? We can find magic right in the heart of the Good Life, too. Lakes, rivers, streams, fields, backyards, you name it. It's not the location that makes the portraits, it's the love and connection between those getting photographed that really make the photos.

And this sweet bunch. . . well, just look for yourself and you can feel the love.


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