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Haines Family | McDowell Sonoran Preserve | Arizona Family Session

A few weeks ago, I traveled to Arizona and had the opportunity to shoot alongside my friend and fellow photographer, Alisha, at this incredible preserve in Arizona. And, let me tell ya - if you've never been, I highly recommend. This location is a must see!

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and the sunsets are to die for! That golden glow was just breathtaking.

However; Beware of the desert rattlesnakes. Thankfully, we didn't see any but us Midwesterners were T E R R I F I E D of the fairly high (thanks to Google statistics) possibility of encountering one. This sweet family was so reassuring and comforting! We were thankful for their tips and advice and expertise in this beautiful landscape.

Alisha and I scheduled this styled shoot in Arizona so we could both shoot in scenery we had never shot in. It was so great having an opportunity to update headshots and gain experience photographing in a location neither of us have before.

All thanks to a local photographer who helped us schedule this model call and this beautiful family who volunteered their time and energy! The littlest babe was so well cuddly and just loved up on momma and dad the entire time while the other two kiddos had the best personalities - so full of laughter and joy! This whole family radiated so much LOVE and you could just tell how much they adored each other. What a wonderful time meeting this sweet family and being able to capture a few photos for them! Such a perfect session and so grateful for the experience.

This experience is what led me to want to offer some travel sessions this year! So if you missed that announcement then check out my Facebook page to see the locations and dates!

Thank you for following along and I hope to see you in front of my camera soon!

With love,



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