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Welcoming Baby Number Three: Another Bundle of Joy is on the Way

We're thrilled to share the exciting news that our family is expanding once again – we're expecting our third baby boy this spring! The joy and anticipation in our hearts are immeasurable as we eagerly await the arrival of our sweet babe.

As parents, the journey of growing our family has been an incredible adventure filled with love, laughter and unforgettable moments. The news of expecting our third son has added an extra layer of excitement and warmth to our lives. We're so ready to see what life with three little boys is like and have been so grateful for the warm wishes we've received thus far.

We're all buzzing with anticipation as we find ourselves marveling at the thought of three little boys filling our home with laughter and energy. While we cherish the memories we've created with our two older sons, we're just as excited to welcome another sweet baby to the crew. From late-night feedings to first steps, we are eagerly anticipating the precious moments that come with raising another wonderful little soul.

As we countdown the days until spring, our hearts are filled with gratitude, excitement and an abundance of love. We appreciate the support and well-wishes from our family, friends and the RAP community as we prepare to welcome our third baby boy into the world.

Here's to more love, more laughter and the incredible journey of parenthood as our family continues to grow. Spring can't come soon enough – we're ready for the sweet chaos of a full and bustling home with our trio of boys!

Photo Credit to ADH Photography


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