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Walking into Twenty Twenty…

(A real conversation, slightly edited so we don’t sound ridiculous.)

1/2/2020 11:34 a.m.

Rachel: So what’s 2020 look like for us?

Rebecca: I really love my day job. I really love event planning. I really love photography. And in order to do all those things, I need to refocus my photography into one area that I really truly love and that’s Seniors and Couples.

Rachel: That’s exactly where I am. I love teaching. I love my family and my community. And I love photography. But I need to be able to give myself fully to all of these areas. I started doing this to serve others and in order to do that, I need to serve myself and my family first.

Rebecca: Same. I love my family clients and I am SO grateful for them. That’s why I’ll continue to shoot them but just not plan to take on any new. I really want to focus on Seniors and serve couples in the best way possible.

RachelI love that. I really want to focus on Seniors, too. I still love my families, too, and will continue to serve them regularly.

Rebecca: So what does that mean for Rachel + Rebecca…

Nothings really changing. We’ll still take on wedding clients as they come, if we’re a good fit. We’re focusing on “Rachel + Rebecca” the besties, the mamas, the people that just want to love and serve others in the best way we can.

Rachel: Yeah! That could be through our photography but it could also be through blog posts about life, serving our communities and loving on our families and friends.

This feels good.

Rebecca: Yeah. It feels really good. You know the best part?

Rachel: What?

Rebecca: Our clients are our friends and family and they’re going to get this. They’re going to love it and support it and understand it. And be proud of us for it.

Rachel: YES! They’re truly the best.

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