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Tyler + Cassi | Hastings College Wedding

She walked slowly, closer and closer. With each step, she took a breath. Her pace was slow and steady - as steady and grounded as the man standing in front of her. As she reached out towards him, to grab his hand he gasped - in complete awe of his beautiful bride. There she was - bouquet in hand, smiling ear to ear. Ready to take on the world with the man of her dreams.

He stood there - patiently waiting. He couldn't see her but as sure as the sun would set that evening, he knew she was walking towards him. He welcomed the quiet. He warmed up to the stillness. He absorbed the moment. He knew it was only a matter of time before his saw her - the woman of his dreams - for the very first time in that beautiful white gown - her wedding dress.

He felt her hand touch his shoulder. He took a step closer, towards her. He was more than ready to embrace his bride to be but the significance of the moment was too much and his words vanished, his smile created tears. The tears that come from a longing - the tears that know such a profound moment right as its occurring. Tears so full of love and pride.

So he embraced her. And together, they welcomed this next chapter.

The chapter that begins with Mr. and Mrs.


Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness.

Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful day.

- R

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