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Tersen + Jordan

The evening was picture perfect. The sun was golden and warm – spotlighting them. As they stood there –  next to each other. Like a bird with wings, it flew. They were a natural. They felt it deep in their bones. Without any hesitation, he carefully wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight and then kissed her forehead. He whispered those three words to her – the three words he knew so many years earlier on the 5th of November.

Once more he said, “I love you.” But she knew it. She already knew just how much. She could tell by the way he held her in his arms. She tried to soak it all in – to freeze the moment. But she stood there, with a new diamond on her finger. Envisioning the future this man had promised her. For she knew she had found the one her soul loves without end. And she knew that every single day forward would be miraculous with him by her side. 

When Jordan reached out to me on social media, I was thrilled that another May sister wanted me to photograph her wedding! What an incredible honor. I was in photographer heaven. Not only do I get to serve this family through her sister’s wedding, but I get to spend even more time with all of them! It reminded me of how wonderful it felt to have a sister to wedding plan with and stand next to when she became a Mrs. and likewise. And boy did it feel good to have someone to share the exciting moments with and lean on when times were tough. Sisters make the ultimate best friends.

Tersen + Jordan,

Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve you throughout one of the most exciting journeys of your life. I have loved every minute I’ve been blessed to spend with you. The love you share for each other is so much more than just words – it’s a love that shines through and gives others a glimpse of your own happiness. I wish the both of you nothing but the absolute best life has to offer. Your kindness and light heartedness are a part of who you are, and I am gracious and joyful in knowing you chose me to capture your love so beautifully on July 7, 2018.

Blessings to you, -R P.S. Let’s just talk about how literally perfect your sweet pooch is! (AHHH! All the loves for that sweet pup!)

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