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Taten + Kristian

Persistence. Friendship. Happily ever after.

The story of Taten and Kristian. Beautiful. Real. Raw. Their Own Perfect.

These two sweet souls met in college and shortly after became inseparable. And since then their light-heartedness, joyful energy, and kindness shines bright everywhere they go. Whether they are fixing fence or jamming out on a road trip – you won’t miss their genuine smiles and the love they have for each other. That’s just the kind of people they are. Overflowing with love. And cherishing each other whenever and wherever they are.

I was so beyond thankful when these two asked me to photograph their wedding day. Such an important milestone in someone’s life. The day that “I” becomes “we,” and it’s no longer about what benefits ourselves, but about serving the other. Willing the good of another person. The unconditional love and commitment that’s crucial for a marriage to flourish. It makes my heart all giddy and full of butterflies being able to witness, capture, encourage, and support the marriage of these two beautiful people. These two beautiful families that are becoming one.

Taten + Kristian,

You two were absolutely glowing at your engagement session. I felt like a fly on the wall in The Love Story of Taten and Kristian! Seriously. I just couldn’t get enough – take a look below and see all the sweet portraits from their engagement session. The light. The sun. Their glow. The love. The laughter. Those smiles. Ahhhhh. Perfection.

The only thing that could possibly top this will be when the Miss becomes a Mrs.

Until then, I’ll just keep scrolling through – waiting for July 28, 2018!

Counting down the days, ya love birds.


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