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Senior Portraits, say what?

Happy Friyay, friends!

When you book a senior session, I want you to feel comfortable, excited, joyful, but most importantly taken care of – I want you to feel wholly and without-a-doubt that “I’ve got you!” And if you don’t, I’m doing something wrong. Because you’ve got your whole life to feel uncertain or unsure of what comes next . . . but right here – in this moment, we’re about to ROCK your senior portraits. But that doesn’t just happen. There are so many factors that pave the way to making that possible.

First and foremost – communication. Communication is key. Blah, blah, blah. But, it is so true! If you have certain expectations for your session or visualize it flowing a particular way – it is soo important that I know this plenty ahead of time to be able to plan and prepare to serve you best.

Plan, plan, plan. Another imperative factor that plays a role in making this possible. I’ll send you a Style Guide prior to your session and if you can plan out your outfits, makeup appointments, hair appointments, nail appointments, etc. ahead of time and schedule around our “start time,” you’ll notice a huge different in the overall outcome of your shoot. I’m not saying you haaaave to do these things. I’m just recommending you plan out and decide ahead of time rather than scrambling last minute IF these things are important to you. Would Rachel encourage them? YES TO ALL. But – that doesn’t mean it’s for you.

Let go and Let Rachel? Wait – I don’t think that’s quite how the saying goes, buuuut you get the point. Trust. Putting trust in your photographer after booking them is no different than trusting your hair stylist or your mechanic. You’ve got to trust that you made the decision that’s best for you and now it’s time to let ME serve you! This is my time to take the stress and worry off of your shoulders. Since we’ve communicated plenty ahead of time, we’ve planned everything out thoroughly, the trust should just fall into place.

We’ve planned, we’ve prepared, we’re on the same page – now it’s time to snap those Senior Pictures – and it’s going to be the best time ever – because they’re YOUR senior pictures!

To all my seniors past and present –

I hope you know you are capable. You are strong. And you are so dang irreplaceable because you’re the only you!

Hugs –

Rachel Ann

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