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Nate + Meghan | January Wedding in Nebraska

Her head lightly rests on his shoulder. He leans in gently. A sense of peace about them. In their own world, kneeling towards the altar. You can almost feel the Holy Spirit hovering over them.

Earlier that day, in subzero temps, Meghan, covered in lace and grace, peeks around the corner to get a sneak at her groom. She has been waiting for this moment. She’s been waiting for him. She put 100% of her trust in God that he had a plan for her and in her deepest desires, she hoped that plan involved a groom. But never could she have imagined the man He would place in her life.

Nate stands tall and upright, likely freezing, but patiently anticipating the soft touch of his bride. He too has waited for this day. He too never could have imagined the gift God had for him in this woman.

The stories shared so openly about Meghan & Nate by their parents and friends, paint a beautiful and unique picture of what Christ-centered love is. Tears of joy and happiness flowed out of everyone’s eyes over this joyous occasion. These two joined together in faith and love, supported by faith-filled parents, family and friends. Celebrating two of the most beautiful sacraments, Matrimony and Holy Eucharist.

Kleenex stocks went up that day. Rach and I cried more than we did at our own weddings. No joke. (Ok maybe slightly a joke.)

I’m sure I say this every time but MAN. My heart is just MOVED every time I experience another couple’s wedding. Meet their family. Laugh with their friends. We’re the luckiest people ever.

Of course, Meghan and I go way back. I apparently used to babysit her although I like to pretend I am NOT old enough to have done that. I’m also pretty sure I told EVERYONE I met that day that her mom was my preschool teacher. (Something I’m sure Shelley wishes I didn’t share so freely either, so people aren’t doing the math on that one.) But seriously, when you get to be part of something so BIG for people you’ve known all your life, its somethin’ special. I’m also pretty sure Nate is super excited that his wedding day won’t be the last time I take his photos… 🙂

Meghan + Nate – thank you for being such a beautiful example of Christ-centered love. Thank you to you and your family and friends for opening your arms and hearts and letting us in to celebrate such a wonderful day. Not only was it beautiful, it was FUN! We had such a great time and feel so lucky you put your trust in us to capture this day for you!

We pray that you have a long and happy life full of many blessings and live happily. ever. always.


(Rachel) + Rebecca

Venue: The Ridnour Room

Hair: College of Hair Design – East Campus

Makeup: Acacia Linn Esthetics

Dress: David’s Bridal

Dessert Caterer: Annette’s

DJ: Jared from Complete Weddings + Events

Florist: The bride herself!

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