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Lessons from a Two-Year-Old

I learned some BIG things from my two-year-old today. We spend a couple days together, one on one, each week and for that, I’m entirely grateful.

But it hasn’t always been this way. 

As a full-time momma, wife and photographer, I used to feel behind if I wasn’t constantly at my computer editing or continuously in my inbox responding to emails. 

But this sweet two-year-old boy reminded me of a few very important points today. A lot about perspective. About struggle . . . About problem solving, if you will.


We were downstairs playing and he was rolling the balls down the ramp to watch them pop up and land securely on the other side. That was the goal. He designed it that way. And he used every single ball we had in our toy box — dodge balls, foam balls, basketballs, bouncy balls and footballs.


Some worked flawlessly; some not so much. But when it became a little more difficult to get the result he was expecting; he was wanting - he didn’t quit. He didn't keep doing the same thing over and over that earned him the same results.


He observed. He noticed it wasn’t working and changed some things around. Heck, after realizing it wasn’t him, it was the tool he was using, he shifted gears. He adapted. He made some changes.


Because sometimes, it’s not that you’re doing something wrong or that what you want is impossible; it’s adjusting the way you’re doing something so you can ensure the outcome you desire.


Go back to the basics. Stick with what works and forget the rest. Yep, that was all from my two-year-old and his dodgeball debacle.

You can watch it all right here:

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People often associate complexity with deeper meaning, when often after precious time has been lost, it is realized that simplicity is the key to everything.

- Gary Hopkins


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