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Jordan + Carly | Summertime Country Wedding

Jordan and Carly,

I hope you know your love inspires.


The light you shine in one another and the joy that each other visibly brings you, resonates with people.

It shines through. It’s the type of love that can bring people to their knees and want to be better.

Your day was absolutely beautiful – just like your love. The family. The friends. The life. The laughter. It was all so beautiful.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room during your reception as you danced and sang and were wrapped up in each others’ arms during your first dance as husband and wife. But then again, there was hardly a dry eye all day long because everyone could feel the intensity of your love for each other and your long awaited anticipation for this perfect day.

We hope you love these images and hope it floods back the wonderful memories from your beautiful July wedding day. And we are so grateful for getting the chance to be there and celebrate with you.

Here’s to your forever.

All our best,


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