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Jake + Breanna | Cambridge, Nebraska Wedding

Her eyes sparkle when you talk to her. The twinkle is either from the joy in her heart or the tears in her eyes. Likely both. Its as if she was bursting with so. much. JOY. that her cup is truly overflowing. The joy she feels is genuine; so full that it can’t even contain itself. Tears fill her eyes as we walk through events of the day. She giggles to shake off nerves. She’s loved this man for most of seven years and her sweet, kind, soul is still nervous for this ‘first look.’ This day is truly the most important day of her life.

The authenticity of these emotions brings everyone she encounters to tears as well. Her joy is contagious. Its also genetic. Everyone we encounter at this wedding is literally bursting with joy for Breanna and Jake. Awe, Jake. A main source of Breanna’s joy. Jake is patient and kind. He floats through the day so calm and collected. Yet, when he looks at his bride he can’t keep a straight face (although he tried.) It doesn’t take long for Breanna to melt his heart and he’s grinning from ear to ear. Both are such amazing examples of true and authentic love.

Jake and Breanna, thank you for the gift of your love. A love so genuine that it is infectious. Thank you for hosting a beautiful event, for inviting us to it, and for letting us serve you in this way on your BIG day. Thank you for showing the world what true love it. What true JOY is. As you start your journey as husband and wife, we pray that you continue to love in this way, to share your love with others, and to praise God for it. We are so blessed to have been a small part is such a magnificent love story.

With all our love,

Rachel + Rebecca

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