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Jacob + Kayla | North Platte, Nebraska Wedding

Music played in the background. Yet, she was quiet. Still. Waiting. She knew the importance of what awaited her. She soaked it in – every last second. For shortly, she would see, for the very last time, her fiance. Because soon after, he would no longer be just that. He would be her husband.

And he smiled cheerfully as she walked towards him, handkerchief in her hand. She was grinning ear to ear. Here he was. This was it. Slowly she walked; as if she was floating. She was ready. Finally. Her husband-to-be waiting for her. When she tugged at his arm, he quickly turned to embrace her and at that moment, she was finally at peace. No more waiting. No more anticipating. She was in his arms at last, and she felt more alive in that moment than ever before.

Jacob and Kayla, your day was as special as could be and we felt the love pour out from you ten-fold. Seeing you two together and the joy you bring each other is the exact reason why we do “this.” Your kindness, gentleness, and adoration for each other speaks louder than anything ever could and we pray for your love to grow daily as you live out your promises to one another.

We are so thankful that you welcomed us to a part of your Wedding Day and we hope you know just how much that has meant to us! Our hearts are with you and we wish you all the best in the years to come! God Bless.


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