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Dustin + Kelli | Dreamy Outdoor Nebraska Wedding

It’s the ultimate fairytale; every little girl’s dream. You grow up – observing your parents love for each other. Your dad loves his wife with such a servant’s heart – so kind, gentle, and unwavering. You can’t help but wonder what your forever will look like and who your forever will be. And as life goes on and your story starts to unfold, in the midst of all life’s chaos – you finally meet your prince. Your forever. Your future. The man you wished for, hoped for, prayed for is yours. And you know this is right where you’re supposed to be because not only does he love you fiercely; but he so closely resembles the love and heart of a man who had yours first – your Dad.  And as beautiful as the story you dreamed up was, this one’s even more – this one is reality. 

It didn’t take long for these two to know and recognize how special their love for each other was. It’s the kind of love that stops you in your tracks and freezes time for a moment or two. It makes you thankful for the journey because you wouldn’t want to have ended up anywhere else. Dustin and Kelli truly cherish their moments together and they lift each other up so high. Seeing them serve and love and each other is why we do what we do. Their love is relentless and bold. It’s fearless and beautiful. It’s the kind of love that is tougher than nails and stronger than ever – not because they found it that way. But because they nurture it daily and have built their love to last.

Dustin and Kelli,

We thank you for letting us share in the day that started your forever – your love story. We know how special of a day this was for your families and everyone around and we are honored to have been there to document it for you. As you embark on this journey together as husband and wife, we ask that you remember and relive the joy and pride you felt on this incredible day. The days pass quickly and times stops for no one, so enjoy these beautiful memories as often as you can.

Your day was beautiful. Your love is inspiring. And we can’t thank you enough for letting us share in it.


Rachel + Rebecca

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