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Drew + Ashley | North Platte, Nebraska Vineyard Wedding

Hand in hand, they walk towards the vineyard. Their friends and family fading in the distance. Smiles as big as the open sky. Quietly talking to each other and giggling like school kids. The sun is setting behind the vineyard. They can’t keep their eyes off each other. Drew barely knows we are there; fixated on his beautiful bride. Ashley glowing as she soaks up all his love and affection.

I don’t think  Drew ever stopped smiling that day. But who could blame him? Ashley looked amazing and their chemistry couldn’t be stronger. Her love and care for him evident in the way she looks at him. On a hot, summer afternoon in hills of central Nebraska, these two lovebirds started their forever. Husband and wife.

We are so blessed to have been part of this day. It was beautiful! Having our cousin & sister there, sharing in a day with someone we’ve known for years, just adds a special layer of dreaminess to the day. Ashley and Drew really do share a connection that is undeniable.

Ashley & Drew, we wish you all the happiness this life has to give to you! We are grateful to you for allowing us to be part of your journey in this way. We know you life will be filled with JOY and we can’t wait to watch your love (and family) grow. You’ll always be in our thoughts and prayers. Forever + Always.


Rachel + Rebecca

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