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Doug + Chelsea | Quiet Wedding in the Gardens

While Doug and Chelsea's wedding day was one for the books, their story doesn't begin just here. You see, Chelsea reached out about a year and a half ago for family portraits. We planned, styled outfits, the whole nine yards. We had the most beautiful evening. . . it was perfect. That golden summer glow, those warm sunset tones, a still Nebraska evening. There was laughter, snuggles, and the prettiest of smiles. And if you've seen their girls, that wouldn't surprise you... they're never without a smile. But what wasn't as expected that evening, was an intimate proposal from one man whose heart was stolen five times over.

So given their history, it was of no surprise that their Big Day was just as special. It was intimate, quaint, and full of so much joy and so much love.

Photographing your wedding at the beautiful Gardens on Q was such a wonderful experience and getting to know your family and those closest to you even more. Thank you for letting us follow along for the day. It was perfect. I hope it was everything you both have dreamed of!



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