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Daniel + Shannon | Late Summer Omaha Nebraska Wedding

From the day he put the ring on her finger, she couldn’t stop looking at it. A symbol of their future. All her dreams coming true. Even on her wedding day, she glances down at the ring. Her smile goes on for miles. She’s found the one God planned for her. He’s more than she ever could have expected.

He is the reason for her smile. And you can tell he loves to see it. Throughout the day, they joke, and laugh. And Shannon smiles. Constantly smiles.

Being part of the HAPPIEST day of peoples life is such a blessing. And Shannon + Daniel were no different. There is something special about seeing your friend SO happy she is about to burst. The JOY in her heart so visible your own is feeling the same. And when Daniel looks at her with such love and care, you can understand why she looks back at him with such joy and admiration.

You guys. Your day was so beautiful. Your love so amazing. We are so honored to have been a part of it. Your family and friends were so fun to be around. The love and support you all have for each other is so incredible. Seeing the Sacrament of Marriage play out between two Christ-filled families makes it even more wonderful.

Thank you for sharing your story with us. Thank you for taking us on this journey. We know that God is with you always and will guide your marriage through thick and thin. Know you will always have friends in us praying for you and wishing you well. We can’t wait to see your story unfold.


Rachel + Rebecca

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