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Christian + Selena | North Platte, Nebraska Wedding

Imagine the most comfortable you have ever been in your life. Your heart is light and your world is perfect. You find comfort and delight in everyone around you. This is how I imagine Selena and Christian felt on their wedding day. And likely, the rest of their lives. While I’m sure they’d argue their world is not perfect, no one’s is – I’m positive that they make it seem effortless to be so in love and so happy. While family and friends swarm about them, they’re relaxed and go-with-the flow.

Christian regularly gazes into Selena’s eyes and reminds her how beautiful she is. He grabs her hand, kisses her forehead. They interact as though no one else is in the room, but you’d never know it. They give so much love and attention to everyone around them that while they steal moments with each other, you barely notice they’re utterly lost in each other.


Selena and Christian, your wedding day was one for the books! 10 inches of snow, muleys, tons of laughter, an epic father-daughter dance, stunning decor, stunning bride and GQ groom…the list goes on!! We can’t thank you enough for asking us to be part of your story. We feel privileged to have been let into your lives and your families!

Getting to know you both was a gift, but getting to share the most special day of your lives with you meant more than to us than you could ever know.

We wish you all the best life has to offer.


Rachel + Rebecca

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