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Bryan + Carley | Summertime wedding in Nebraska

Carley and Bryan,

From the moment we arrived at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Aurora, Nebraska, we could feel an energy – a much anticipated and joyful energy. Your long awaited day had finally arrived and through the trials and tribulations you faced while planning this beautiful event, everything – everything that tested your faith – no longer mattered. You made it. There you were. Your wedding day had arrived. And your closest family and friends were able to support you and witness the two of you become one on this beautiful July summer day. What an absolutely special occasion to celebrate.

Through the different speeches and toasts we learned just how perfect the two of you are together. Your love for each other – overpowering. And your love for everyone else – just as strong. It was so easy to see just how proud your family is – having watched them tear up as they share beautiful memories of your relationship and reminisce on childhood years as the day went on.

Just as stated in your special tribute, the foundation of your marriage started long ago as you became friends and overtime has grown into something so sacred and special. Something so visible to everyone that comes to know you both. Cling to that. Cling to the friendship. And rejoice in the love. We can’t put into words how happy we are for you and how thankful to have been there to capture such a beautiful time in your lives.

All the best,

Rachel + Rebecca

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