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Brian + Brittany | Nebraska Wedding

The light fills the sun room at the Roger’s House Inn as she sits at the small table. A stunning bouquet of flowers, a half empty glass of champagne, a pen in her hand. Mom and bridesmaids are getting ready – chatting about the day, and chasing their baby girl around as they all giggle with excitement. She’s quiet, focused. She doesn’t notice any of it as she slowly writes the letter. She smiles slightly as she reads her latest words. Today she’s marrying her best friend.

The joy in Brian’s eyes as we meet him at the Capitol is undeniable. He’s ready. He’s relaxed. He’s feeling some swagger in his step. Who would blame him? Mom stands close by admiring her handsome son. His beard nicely trimmed for this special day. As he walks outside in the summer heat, he stands ready to greet his bride. As she slowly approaches, Brittany gently grabs Brian by the hand. In that moment, we disappear. They have no idea we’re there shooting as they embrace and admire each other. They share words only they will ever know. The tears on their cheeks could easily be mistaken as sweat droplets from the hot sun. But they’re not.

Brittany & Brian’s first look was a memorable one for us. They didn’t seem to have a care in world during that moment. They lost themselves in each other and didn’t pay any attention to us. They took that time to be together and experience some peace among a busy wedding day. We witnessed true love in its fullest. A wedding is just a day; a marriage is a lifetime. These two are destined for a full and happy one.

Brittany & Brian –

We cannot thank you enough for asking us to be part of this special day. We are honored to know you and be part of this crazy journey you call life. We know your love for each other and your beautiful daughter Cora will last a lifetime. You will always be in hearts and prayers.


Rachel + Rebecca


Flowers: @ibloomflowers,

Dress: @ellynne_bridal,

Hair: @kpowell8908,

Makeup: @acacialinnaesthetics

Venue: Sunken Gardens, Wilderness Ridge Golf Club

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