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He stood there. Back turned. Frozen. Smiling down. Waiting for the love of his life, his new bride, to grab a hold of his hand as she was now the one in white. It was their day. As she slowly walked his way, the soft and intricate detail of her dress illuminated in the daylight. Her smile? Something so radiant doesn’t need illumination. She slowly reached for his hand as she took a deep breath. He was blown away by her beauty, no words could he find. For he knows what’s within her soul that makes her shine so brightly.

Throughout the wedding day, I was blown away by the outpouring of love and kindness everyone displayed. They were all familyThe wedding party. The guests. Everyone. Cheerful and willing to serve were all. The emotions were high. The love was visible. Even sweet Blaire couldn’t hold back the love and admiration she felt for her dear cousin, Kenzie, the moment she first saw her in her wedding gown.

Speaking of admiration… Have you ever seen the way Austin looks at Kenzie? From the moment I met the two of them as a couple, I would catch glances of him gazing in awe of her. Gratitude. Pure joy. Complete and total admiration. It’s a look that not only captivates the two of them, but fills your own heart with joy.

Austin + Kenzie,

I pray that you never forget how loved you felt on your Wedding Day. With family and friends surrounding you and the suspense of a lifetime as you joined hands in marriage. And while you unveil your future together, one day at a time, know that unconditional love and commitment can move mountains. Cheers to you, neighbors! And the newest Mr. and Mrs. Rice in town!


Dress: Hello Beautiful Bridal and Formal Wear

Hair: The Haircut Co.

Makeup: Anna Powell 

Florist: Blooms & Collectibles

DJ: JanitorJames by Ricky Walker

Cake: Janet Cornwell

Venue: McCook National Guard Armory

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