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Aaron + Starla | Southwestern Nebraska Fall Wedding

Out of nowhere, the tears don’t just fall. They rush. They pour. All of a sudden, the last several years seem so significant, because they’ve brought them to this point. He falls into her. She holds him. He needs her. She comforts him. She needs him. He lifts her spirits. Together, they’re in harmony. And today, well, it’s their wedding day and before the business of schedules and the crowds of people, they just be.


They reflect on the twists and the turns, the ups and the downs and every mile that’s paved their way. They’re joyous. They can’t stop smiling. They cling to each other. They’re each other’s safe haven.

From the outside looking in, their love seemes so unique and so special. So beautiful. They share the kind of love and commitment that is new and life-giving, yet they appeared the oldest of friends. It was an authentic combination of love and friendship all flowing into one. And it was so clear to all of those guests in that quaint little church just how deeply they care for each other.

Starla & Aaron,

My wish for you is that you never let your friendship fade and you continue to let that love for each other grow as you grow older. That as each year passes by, you take time to relive the moments that define your marriage and remember how special your wedding day was. Know that there is a beautiful, unwritten and waiting to be told story of your lives together and that regardless of where you want to end up, the most beautiful destination is the journey, as you’re in this together.

Bless you and your beautiful family.



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